Lesson 5

Work time vs. Family time

Being fired and black listed from hospital work in my home town forced me to become a traveling consultant. I am gone 4 out of 7 days each and every week and live in a hotel 1900 miles from home 4 out of 7 days every week. While it may not seem ideal, it has actually been a blessing and a lesson in itself. Being gone all of the time has helped me to better understand and value the importance of family, letting go, and letting my kids enjoy being kids rather than trying to make them perfect little adults.

  • I was physically home most nights
  • I would hate giving my kids anything messy like Popsicles
  • I paid more attention to my email/phone than my kids
  • I yelled at my kids a great deal
  • My schedule was unpredictable
  • My blood pressure was sky high
  • I was usually too exhausted to enjoy anything
  • I’m home all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday only
  • I let my kids be kids and indulge with them
  • My cell phone is only used on weekends to take pictures
  • I don’t yell near as much at my kids
  • My schedule never changes
  • My blood pressure has normalized
  • I have energy all weekend long and enjoy every minute home

The bottom line

I never did the horrific things they accused me of doing (diverting narcotics from the pharmacy). I was thrown under the bus, tossed aisde, and blacklisted not only from inpatient work but also from any work in my city including work in my desired field of informatics. I was royally screwed by my boss I thought was my best friend who could do no wrong, AND by the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy who essentially had me so stressed about something I didn’t even do that it’s remarkable I didn’t just concede to their iron will out of the intense desire to be left alone.

But you know what?

I’m a better person, father, and husband because of those things.

  • I’m in the clinical informatics field.
  • There are no more carrots being dangled in front of me
  • No longer must I utter the phrase “Some day”
  • I am once again working hard, being paid, and getting results
  • My family loves me and I am fully engaged in my family

Stick that in you pipe and smoke it closet alcoholic, backstabbing pharmacy director and State Board lady. Indirectly you gave me the best prize of all.


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