Lesson 2: Admitting Guilt Induces Rainbow Poop

Addiction is a disease and can be treated.  If you admit to being an addict all will eventually forgiven, people will hold your hand, your HR department and the State Board will offer you sympathy and assistance, rainbows will fly out of your posterior, and the State Board will be there riding pink unicorns along with the Charmin Bear to wipe your bum when you are finished excreting the addiction rainbow.  On the other hand, there is no cure for stupid.
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Lesson 1: You WILL be thrown under the bus

I had a great boss who always told me and others he would stand behind us in any time of turmoil and would gladly take a bullet for us to protect us in the event something happened that was the result of a failure of process. I had no reason to not believe him. Compared to other directors, he was far more transparent and true to his word.  Unfortunately when push came to shove, even my progressive boss threw me under the bus.   Continue reading