Lesson 5

Work time vs. Family time

Being fired and black listed from hospital work in my home town forced me to become a traveling consultant. I am gone 4 out of 7 days each and every week and live in a hotel 1900 miles from home 4 out of 7 days every week. While it may not seem ideal, it has actually been a blessing and a lesson in itself. Being gone all of the time has helped me to better understand and value the importance of family, letting go, and letting my kids enjoy being kids rather than trying to make them perfect little adults.

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I have an interview tomorrow. Expecting another next week and have a confirmed one next week. I am reluctant to propose that things are finally on the upswing for me as every time I do that, the universe has a way of smacking me back down so for now, we’re just going to say that I’m a little more hopeful today about the future than I was this time last week.

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Job hunting really stinks…

You never truly realize how horrible it is to find a job, especially a job in healthcare, after you have been given the wonderful black flag that is the word, “terminated.”  Almost every application of which I have submitted has asked if in the last 3 years I was terminated from  a job for any reason.  I’m always honest and I honestly tell the recruiter or the HR person who may or may not contact me about the dealings that happened at my little Ohio hospital.   Continue reading

Welcome to the debacle of my pharmacist life

One would think that being a simple dispensing pharmacist in a hospital pharmacy is free of many of the perils and problems that our retail counterparts face.  And for the most part I myself used to believe this to be true.  I think the day I stopped believing is the day I got fired from my little Ohio hospital.   Continue reading