Lesson 3: Social Media is Evil, Lawyers are Not

Social media is more than just a snazzy movie from a few years ago. It is a real, breathing, living record of your life. When used properly it can be a diary of the bad times (like this blog) that you can look upon later in life and hopefully laugh about how crappy that time was and how it made you that much more of a stronger person. When used improperly however, social media can be used to destroy any credibility that you have. Continue reading

Job hunting really stinks…

You never truly realize how horrible it is to find a job, especially a job in healthcare, after you have been given the wonderful black flag that is the word, “terminated.”  Almost every application of which I have submitted has asked if in the last 3 years I was terminated from  a job for any reason.  I’m always honest and I honestly tell the recruiter or the HR person who may or may not contact me about the dealings that happened at my little Ohio hospital.   Continue reading