Still Alive

After all these years does anyone still read this? I doubt it but if you do I’m still alive.  My battle and the battle with my little Ohio hospital and the OSBP (and my friend’s up the street) is finally over and has been for a while.

My new mission and purpose of this blog will be to post my thoughts on how to finally, once and for all, flip the script on EHR technology and healthcare in general.

I’ve worked with EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, McKesson, Allscripts, etc now and the one universal truth is that they all are all shit. Some smell better than others, but they are all shit.

It’s time for a revolution.  Who’s with me?


Perspective From Over The Wall

Now that’s funny

So I’m sitting in the Burbank airport the other day, waiting for my flight, when I happen to overhear the guy next to me on the phone telling tales of informatics failures at wherever he had just been. I strike up a conversation and come to find out that he works for McKesson as one of their implementation specialists.

I explain my general background including the fact that I’m a licensed pharmacist in Ohio.

He gets an intrigued look on his face and proceeds to ask me, “What is up with that crazy state board of pharmacy you have in Ohio?”

My immediate response, “Don’t even get me started.”

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Air travel thoughts

Blogging from the airplane

You know what, I spend a lot of time on planes. So do several other people who I have gotten to know after flying each and every week on the same flights. Normally most of us who do this weekly end up in First Class together. This week however very few of us were upgraded as there are several professional golfers who are on their way to our home city and they all actually purchased 1st class tickets so we were out of upgrade luck.

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