4 Months Later…

Rumors of my demise

It has been just about 4 months since my last post and I wanted to assure any readers I actually have that I am doing just fine.

And what have we learned?

* There is life beyond a hospital pharmacy
* Consulting can be very lucrative 
* Don't bother fighting for unemployment
* Always get a lawyer when stuff hits the fan
* Flying 4000 plus miles every week is not fun
* Being upgraded to first class makes flying easier
* Hospitals nationwide need to hear my story

Once a pharmacist, always a pharmacist

My official title now is consultant. That doesn’t say much about me nor what I actually do. I tell people that I am a pharmacist by trade but function as a Clinical Informatics Consultant. That says a little more and makes me feel better about where am I compared to where I was.

You live where?

People are always curious about why I subject myself and my family to being gone every Monday through Thursday and why I live so far from my actual job. I refrain at this point in time from bringing up the schenanegans of the past; however, I make sure I emphasize to every pharmacist I meet that dispensing narcotics without excessively anal rentivive safeguards in place is something they should never do. Like the title of the blog says, DO NOT DISPENSE.

Bad cop and worse cop

One key thing to note is that the horrific stupidity brought about by the events that happened at my Little Ohio Hospital that involved the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy never amounted to anything other than me being unemployed. Despite the threats of being put in a federal, pound me in the rear, prison, and losing my license, and being smeared across mugshots.com, nothing every actually happened. I attribute this largely to my lawyer who I’ve never met the in person but who gladly took my money. He was able to stove off the bad cop, worse cop situation being put forward by the state board investigators. It just goes to show you that if you are innocent, you really don’t have anything to fear. Well, nothing to fear in the long run at least.

I am still a pharmacist in Ohio. As a matter of making a point, I actually still function as a pharmacist once or twice a month at a different Little Hospital in Ohio. Nothing happened to my license. It was simply my career and credibility that took a nose dive. And there is the matter of my bank account. Funny thing how being portrayed by your former employer as a devious, drug addicted thief tends to prevent people from hiring you. But I’m just sayin’

The light at the end of the tunnel of feces

I was fortunate enough to find employment. Mind you the employment is 1900 miles from my house, but who am I to split hairs? Thankfully resources such as linked-in, recruiter websites, and luck helped me. And I am finally doing was I love and was destined to do anyway. Sure, they make screw over your whole life and make you almost bankrupt and almost lose your house and stress you out so bad that you only don’t blow your brains out because of your kids, but hey, they are there to protect you. Right??

The chaffing is horrific until you look long term

Yes, I still hold internal bitterness but in the end I am better now than I was before. I have found that the travel has made me a better father and husband and my relationship with my wife couldn’t be stronger. I can actually stop working when I’m not at work which is a huge bonus.

So in a sick, twisted, S & M sort of way, I owe thanks to those at my Little Ohio Hospital and the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy who hung my rear out to dry and made horrific false accusations when I did nothing more than my job. In the end I didn’t get what I wanted, but I got what I needed.

One thought on “4 Months Later…

  1. I’m glad your back to blogging! I’ve missed the tales and been wondering how consultant life is. I’m late to the party, but glad I have something to look forward to reading.

    Good luck in all your work.

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