Legal defense fund

It needs to be said that I never expected this and that this is in no way, shape, or form the reason I started this blog.

A very nice person named Jane read my blog posts and asked if I would accept donations for a legal defense fund.  After speaking with my wife and much soul searching, we are agreeable to this with a few stipulations.

  1. Someone needs to explain to me how to set this up.
  2. Anyone who wants to donate should leave a comment with your email address so I can privately contact you to provide you with whatever documentation or information you deem appropriate so you know I am not some sort of internet scam artist or something.  Any pharmacist reading this can probably tell I’m a pharmacist, but aside from that, knows nothing about me aside from what I’ve written due to my desire to remain anonymous.  It seems inherently wrong to take money from people who don’t know me. So if you want to give, my preference would be for you to get to know me somehow.  It’s your money and I am flattered by this potential offer and lord knows I can use it to pay off the loan I took from my next door neighbor to pay the retainer, but I want you all to be totally and 100% confident of where its going.
  3. And finally, when I access whatever money is donated, I absolutely will provide some sort if documentation or receipt demonstrating that I used it only for legal fees (or the repayment of the personal loan I took for legal fees).

I am amazingly humbled by this motion of generosity, but again, if you want to help me with my legal fees, I want you to be 100% certain as to who is getting the money, have as much of the story as you feel cozy with before giving, and where every last cent of that money goes after you donate it.


One thought on “Legal defense fund

  1. I have no idea how one would set this up. Could your lawyer give you any ideas? If not, perhaps you could contact one of the other bloggers for insight. I suggested to Pharmacy Steve that we get those folks involved in The Pharmacy Alliance to work on a legal defense fund for you & the many others who have been trampled by retail corporations, institutions and State Boards. Are you able to see my email from this comment? If not, can you attach a separate email to your blog so I can send you my info?

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