The ball is finally in my court

may have just found a way to stick it to those who apparently continue to persecute me.  Details within.  

Some additional background

Part of my story I have yet to dispense is that I was employed at not just one little Ohio hospital, but three.  One was my full time job and that is the one I refer to as my little Ohio hospital and is the one from which I was terminated.  The other two were also hospitals, one little and one not so little, and they were jobs I worked at a few times a month or so in order to keep the money flowing.

After the shenanigans at my little Ohio hospital, I went ahead and started working almost full time at one of my other two jobs.  They were large enough to accomodate me.  I covered my rear by making sure that my boss at that job was 100% informed as to what happened at the other hospital.  I actually told both bosses what happened.  I have nothing to hide and I felt I had a duty to inform them of not only why I was suddenly available to work all of the time but also exactly what happened.  I just felt they had a right to know.  I’m overly honest that way.

Both bosses were concerned for my well being.  One boss was completely supportive of me and knew deep down inside that I essentially got screwed in the whole situation.  The other boss was more into covering his own rear.

As it turns out, immediately after telling him, he went and ran some reports on my activities in his narcotic vault in the last year and saw nothing glaring and had no problem continuing to allow me to work through my suspension at my other job.  Upon becoming terminated at my other job, I went back into his office and elaborated on the situation.  I had originally informed him of 2 drugs that went missing where my sign-in was the last to “touch-it” if you will.  I informed him the second time of 2 other drugs.

It is important to note at this point in the story that he doesn’t entirely remember that conversation (or he may now but at the time must have been busy and basically gleamed over that little tid bit).

Long story short

Five days later the investigator from the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy called my boss at both of my remaining jobs and informed them not only of the fact that I was under an investigation, but also the details as to why I was under investigation and the drugs that were missing.  Fortunately, I had already told both of them about this so you would think this wouldn’t have been an issue.

Unfortunately for me the one boss only remembered me telling him about the first two drugs, took great offense to the fact that he now felt lied to, and to make my long story short for today’s post, I am now on suspension at that job (for claims of dishonest behavior) as well and am sitting here making essentially no money and am totally unemployed.

My third job remains and I get a few shifts here or there at it, but needless to say, my income is extremely low.

My “A-HA!” moment

I was trolling the internet last night and came across this little gem inside of one of the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy’s own meeting minutes from September of 2008.  Upon reading the minutes one discovers that the first half of the document is the standard stuff they do every month; however, the second half is a review and discussion of the policies and procedures of their “field staff.”   If you follow the link you would have to scroll down to page 17.  For the ease of time I will put the text right here:


[As adopted September 9, 2008]

Confidential information relating to investigations, grand jury proceedings, court
proceedings, and similar confidential information will not be discussed with individuals or
companies not immediately involved in a cooperative effort with the Board in the activity
relating to that matter

Now I am no legal expert and do not claim to be; however, I have read this statement over and over and over again.

To my untrained eye, this basically says, “The board can not tell any person or company who is not directly involved with an investigation, the details or even the existence of an investigation.”

Perhaps I can do something with this

I showed this to my wife and her reaction was cynical as I imagined it would be.  “Honey, good luck getting your bosses to admit that she actually called them.”  Her attitude changed a little bit when I showed her my suspension document that is hard coded into my HR record, in my hands, in their hands, in the hands of the unemployment office, and multiple other places.Remember a few posts ago where I talked about suing my employer?  Well I’m thinking a little bigger than that now.

In my suspension document from job number 2 it very very very clearly is delimitated, in bullet points even, that the flow went:

  • I talked to my boss.
  • My boss looked into stuff.
  • My boss thought everything was fine and let me keep working.
  • My boss gets a call from the board.
  • My boss does other stuff and suspends me.

Now I can’t get unemployment because the last place I worked was at his hospital and it is reported to them as disciplinary suspension for dishonest behavior.  I can’t find a job because I now have to report not one but two places that aren’t letting me work there anymore.  My life, personally and professionally has been destroyed because of this.  I have lost wages.  I have a severely tarnished professional record.  I have essentially been “black balled” from working anywhere else (at least in a hospital).


She violated her own rules set forth and clearly published by the board for all to see.  My other director actually informed me of her call to her and said it was done as a “professional courtesy” and that she was essentially threatened to never speak of it to anyone else.  If I can get her too to sign a statement or something stating that conversation took place, find a lawyer who will take a case on contingency, and present both documents to them, I’m pretty sure I have a civil case against either the Board itself or at the very least the Board agent.

Because her breach of my privacy effectively started a spiral of badness in my life.

I could have essentially worked full time at the job from which I was suspended.  People were more than happy to give me shifts.  And internal transfers there are not only welcomed but are encouraged and two weeks after this happened a full time position in the outpatient clinic opened up which would have had me back in gainful, full time employment.

Yes. I am enraged and will not let this rest.  I finally feel like I have some power on my side of things and it is time my friends to bring the hammer down upon those who have struck me down.

Watch out.  Because here I come.

2 thoughts on “The ball is finally in my court

    • Let me talk with my wife about it and get back to you. There just is something that feels wrong about me taking money from people I’ve never met.

      Plus I have no idea how that would work logistically.

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