LESSON 4: Got to find a reason why the money’s all gone

I just got my W2s. Between my various on call jobs and my full time gig, I made just shy of 150k before taxes. Since being terminated, I’m lucky if I can get enough shifts at the one on call job I have to make $400 a week before taxes. You can imagine how much it is a shock to my way of living and life suddenly going from having a ton of income to having none.

My unemployment is still messed up. I finally today got someone with a brain to try to fix it. Naturally, my former employer is trying to fight it. I provided multiple documents but am not in any way shape or form hopeful that this will pan out in my benefit. My former employer, despite their obvious and documented violation of Ohio Administrative Code, is still reporting to the Unemployment office the false allegations of which they used to terminate my employment. There is no winning for me at this point other than to find a job and get hired.

But who wants to hire someone that is documented by their previous little Ohio hospital for being guilty of theft?  Never mind the fact that I’m innocent.  Never mind the fact that the OSBP is going after the hospital and not going after little old me.  Never mind the fact that the hospital (and me) have documentation of their indiscretions.

Thank you little Ohio hospital and former poo brick of a director. Thank you for destroying everything I ever worked for in my life just to cover your own posterior.  My life is crud now because of you…

Just for doing my job the way I was trained.

2 thoughts on “LESSON 4: Got to find a reason why the money’s all gone

    • That’s what the whole blog it’s about. Check out some of the.previous posts to get an idea of what happened. I’ll elaborate more as time goes on. Basically stuff went missing and since on paper I touched it last and it couldn’t be found, the hospital let me go.

      Well, they let me go I think more so because the state board came after them for multiple reasons after doing an inspection and realizing the hospital had too few safeguards in place and violated rules like calling them before acting in cases where meds can’t be found. They got called about two to three hours after I was sent home and hours after it had already been determined that stuff was missing and I had already been questioned, informed, and all that jazz.

      I think I was fired because I opened the hospital up for scrutiny which in turn glut them in trouble.

      I was the fall glut to protect my director’s rear.

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