Unemployment shenanigans

Benefit of being unemployed:

Plenty of time to trick out your phone.


Yeah. I need a job soon.

2 thoughts on “Unemployment shenanigans

  1. I found my way over here from Pharmacist Steve and I’m aghast at your story. I had heard Ohio was tough but never thought it was as bad as this. Can you elaborate more on why you were not able to get your job back after you were exonerated by the Board?
    These are scary times we work in…

    • Fun thing about Ohio. If you were under investigation by a compliance specialist but nothing ever went before the actual board in the form of a formal hearing, you never actually get any documentation stating you have been exonerated and there is no public record of either the investigation or the end of it.

      I have an attorney who is trying to get my old job back, but that takes time and isn’t guaranteed to work as Ohio is an at will state. I can be fired for having brown eyes that are too large as long as the company follows any policies in the employee handbook surrounding termination.

      And other jobs upon doing a background check be told I was involuntarily terminated and that I am ineligible for rehire.

      That is what keeps me from getting hired elsewhere. I always inform recruiters and HR people up front about the termination so it is not a surprise later, but most places won’t even interview you let alone hire you if they know you were fired. The reason is insignificant to them.

      I fought and lost an official appeal internally. Now here I sit, still a pharmacist, no criminal record or dings from the board, perfectly able to save lives and stamp out disease.

      But no one will give me a chance. Honestly, a career in sales may have to be in my future.

      Maybe my story is unique as I wouldn’t wish this on anyone else.

      But as I found out just the other day, at least one other person in Ohio is actively being equally screwed if not more screwed.

      More of the story coming soon!

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