To sue or not to sue?

This debacle has started to destroy my pursuit of happiness and now I have reached the point where one burning question remains: Do I sue my former employer? I always assumed once I became a pharmacist that I would never have to worry about having a job ever again. I was always under the impression that pulse plus license equaled job. I can not begin to express how wrong I was.

There are plenty of jobs out there but getting hired after being fired is problematic. Add to that the fact that I have zero retail experience and it represents a recipe for disaster.  Follow the bouncing ball:

  • Mail order nor retail places want anything to do with me due to lack of experience.
  • Hospitals really don’t want anything to do with me given the nature of my departure from my previous job.
  • Which leaves home infusion, research, and corporate pharmacy.
    • Corporate pharmacy requires a residency usually and is highly competitive.
    • Research pays almost nothing and locally there are no jobs available.
    • Which leaves home infusion as about the only option left on the table.
      • They all ask about the nature of my departure from my little Ohio hospital and I always tell them the truth. ¬†Most appear on the surface to be sympathetic but most I believe worry at any given moment the state board will descend from on high and snatch away my license.
        • Honestly the only decent option at this point really seems to be moving away from Ohio.
          • That costs money.
            • Some companies are willing to pony up the money to relocate a person who is truly interested and is a good candidate.
            • Getting to that point is the hard part.

I’m still young in my career. I have little savings and little support. Cashing out my retirement plans, deferring student loans, and getting on food stamps got us through December and January. February is another story. I can hope my W2 shows up tomorrow in the pure hope that I get a few grand back from doing my taxes to float me to March.




The fact remains if I do not get hired somewhere soon, bankruptcy and foreclosure are in my future. I swore to my wife when this happened that no matter what I would get a job in enough time so that we don’t lose our house or I would find a way to at least protect it.There are state and federal programs to protect my home; however, those programs specifically state you can’t have been fired for a disciplinary reason.



I have been reluctant to pursue legal action against my little Ohio hospital but I’ve decided I must at least consider it. The hospital’s failure to follow the laws of this land during their investigation of missing medications ousted me when, per the Ohio State Board of Pharmacy, properly following the laws would have left me oblivious to all of this and most importantly, employed. A wrongful termination suit may be in my future.It’s a good hospital. I would much rather find a friendly, non lawyer involved way to solve this as I don’t want to tarnish something I helped make great.


But make no mistake, if things get any harder for my family, I will do everything possible to destroy the hospital that destroyed me. My family’s happiness and my own are too precious.

Hell hath no fury like me scorned.

This blog is only the beginning.

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