Job hunting really stinks…

You never truly realize how horrible it is to find a job, especially a job in healthcare, after you have been given the wonderful black flag that is the word, “terminated.”  Almost every application of which I have submitted has asked if in the last 3 years I was terminated from  a job for any reason.  I’m always honest and I honestly tell the recruiter or the HR person who may or may not contact me about the dealings that happened at my little Ohio hospital.  

Most seem understanding.  Some panic.  Some end the conversation.  Most will make it out like it is not a problem but then hold it against me later.

I have had 4 actual interviews, 3 phone interviews that never went anywhere, and countless email conversations with recruiters from all across this country.  Nothing has resulted in gainful employment yet.

I like to think that I am a great worker with great abilities, a great family, and am just all around, great.  Yes. I admit it.  I’m a little conceited.  But based on the hell I’ve been through over time, I’ve earned that right.  I know what I’m doing.  I make mistakes here and there, but for the most part, I am the go-to guy.  I am the rock the managers can count on in a pinch.  I am the worker bee who gets things done but also keeps moving the department forward.  I even went from being a regular staff pharmacist to being the pharmacy supervisor in less than 6 months.

Yet no one has hired me.

The first job they selected a pharmacist who had one of those spiffy certifications so they were more qualified than I.  I can’t hold a grudge there.

The second job was mail order and they picked someone who had previous retail experience.  I don’t blame them.

The third job was actually out of state and was as close to my dream job as you can possibly get.  I honestly thought I was getting that job.  They ended up picking someone they wouldn’t have to relocate but did tell me I was perfect for the job.  That one was a bit of a slap in the face.

The fourth job I am actively sitting here waiting and hoping that I get some gainful employment.

That’s the sickening part about all of this.  The pharmacy board looked into things and determined in the end that there was no wrongdoing on my part.  They actually issued pink sheets to the hospital (pink sheet = a citation) for several reasons per a conversation I had with my former boss.

So here I sit.  No job.  No money.  On food stamps.  I’m sitting and waiting and hoping to someday get hired once again somewhere in the country (but preferably in the State of Ohio) because my little Ohio hospital decided to terminate me for what they listed as theft when no theft actually happened and the public agency in charge of investigating such things cleared me, and in fact cited the hospital as being in the wrong in the way things were setup in the pharmacy as well as the way things were reported to the state board.

Yes.  I’m pissed.  More details to come on the issue in tomorrow’s blog.  For now I have to go and stare at the phone and hope it rings.

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